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Tram Update

Good news! The part for the tram should be delivered sometime next week and installed the first week of December! Bad news, it probably will not be up and running Thanksgiving weekend. An email has been forwarded to homeowners with details. Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving weekend!

Resident Baby Eagles


  Baby staying near nest
        (click to enlarge)


Mom and dad squawking!
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Late spring brought a couple of new babies close to the island. North of the Groth’s home, Vernon found an enormous stick nest with two little heads popping up over the side. Come to find out, it was a nest with two baby eagles that seemed to thinking about venturing out of the nest. I, along with my mom, Alison Groth and Chris Cordell followed Vernon to see if we could get a glimpse of these little, well not so little eagles. By the time we got there, one of them had taken a leap and learned that a little wing flapping could keep him up and landed in a nearby tree. The other hopped out of the nest to a nearby limb above the nest petrified. The mother and father were flying between the trees squawking like crazy. It seemed as if they were telling the one in the nearby tree to fly back to the nest and the other one to stay put. It was just the most incredible thing to witness. Alison Groth captured a few photos for us.
If you want to find out a few facts about Bald Eagles, click on the National Geographic link

Pool Area Facelift

If you haven’t been to the island lately, I think that you will be pleasantly surprised with the pool area. A new fence, furniture and updated bathhouse looks really great and inviting. Much thanks to Vernon and the guys for helping to get the bathhouse updated and a great big thank you to Chris & Greg Baxter for lending their men to help with the painting of all outbuildings and installation of the fence. Also want to thank them for help with ordering the new pool furniture, it is beautiful and is sure to last for quite a while. We could not have done it without their help!
Greg Arnim, thank you for ordering our new fence and offering your discount. We are very grateful for all the help and offers. This redo has been a group effort and it really shows!
Make sure when you see these great islanders that you say “thanks”!